Monday, 29 October 2012


Why do I choose an apple over a feast? 
Why sometimes picking a string sounds more melodious than a song? 
How come a flickering candle can look more beautiful than a sky full of stars? 
How can one word.. make me laugh more than a joke... 
~Isn't it hard to decide what matters more- a lie, or a thousand truths..a teardrop or the ocean..
That one special rose is more appealing than a garden... 
Doesn't one smile matter more than a hundred words 
The one look, which makes you understand than a book can? 
The one hand that holds yours- is preferred over the many clapping for you..
Isn't that one person more precious than the whole crowd! 
!each breath makes me feel empty


  1. Well i never knew behind those playful eyes, that blabbering mouth, those weird and cute expressions and that
    blithe personality lies a mind that thinks beyond what a normal mind can't even think off!
    Your each nd every post in this blog shows how deep u think and i could jus read and admire!
    It's something that every one feels but is unable to say it...nd u girl express it so beautifully!
    Hats off to u!!!!! :D
    P.S.- "Aisa kya hai jo tujhe nai aata" :O
    aisa mujhe tere liye kehna chaiye...tujhe mere liye nai :)

  2. shukriya dost! :D
    aur tujhe pata hai mujhe kya kya ni aata :P