Monday, 29 October 2012

A Drop of Innocence.

Patch, Bronze, Coffee, Brownie & Dude: When I see you guys, I forget all evil. I forget about the incomplete assignments, I forget about pending fights, I forget clicking a picture for Facebook, I forget all that's made up. I feel how it is to remove that cover, and just be what's underneath. I see innocence, I realize life. I remember happiness, I await gloom, for the day you'll go away, never turn back, never dwell; but I'll count myself lucky, that your mother gave birth to you under Dad's car. Cheers! :)

PS: Being born in India so much fun!  


  1. a drop of innocence with a shine of happiness and a bloom of gloom! I don't say "well written", bcoz it's more than a writing, it's a feeling! Made me nostalgic once again. :'( :)