Monday, 5 November 2012


RUN! Run fast! What if you're missing something out?!
~What if we miss out what's here because we are running?

Do we have to fight for what we deserve? Or do we wait? For a span of time long enough to break us down. Should we expect? Should we accept? Or just make things work on our own? What's the algorithm?
 Does everyone live by a separate set of rules? Then why do they compare? Why do they judge? From where do WE begin? From where do we measure?
Can we cheat? SHALL I cheat? 
Should I live each moment? Cherish them. Learn from them. Be strong. Keep your head high! Move, at your own pace.
"Life is a question mark, than a full stop. You don't end; it ends only once. But you answer it. Freely. Independently. And that's how we grow."

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