Friday, 18 October 2013

Why my DAYS are GREEN?

For those of you, who are well-acquainted with the actual meaning of a “green” day, I would first stop to clarify that the heading is merely a wordplay used to represent my obsession with the band Green Day.
For those of you, who just Googled it, holla, I’ve answered one of your queries. I’ve taken the pains to mention a few other queries I face:
~Why Green Day?
~Why does Billie Joe wear make-up?
~Why is Billie Joe drunk as a pirate while performing?
~Don’t you think Linkin Park is better?
~Don’t you think RHCP is better?
~Why do all your blogs have so many questions?
~Do you have a pen?
~Did you brush your teeth?
Well, the blog is all about the first one. As to why Billie Joe wears make-up, swears like he was cursed to use curse words, and depends on booze for his performances, I’d only like to answer by saying, “One of the many things I’ve learnt from his songs is to pay heed to my own s#!t. It’s his life; he can live it the way he wants to. I’ll only enjoy his music, and agree with what he says only if it agrees with what I say.”
Moving on to the innumerable number of fights I’ve had over the past 4 years with friends, family and the now-I-am-not-talking-to-him-because-he-insulted-Green-Day-people, regarding which band is better: I love Green Day because I can relate to their music. The justification of this statement you would find if you don’t click that small cross in the right corner. I’m going to skip the rest; for the sake of this blog.

This blog is about Green Day, because:
1. American Idiot.
People with even the slightest idea about Green Day are familiar with this name. Why does this album get a separate point? Because it made me realize their power. American Idiot is not only an album, but a rock opera. The album kick starts with “American Idiot” as the introductory song. The song which made black jeans, black shirt and red tie a trademark. Our story starts with the story of our hero of the story with “Jesus of Suburbia”, desperate to move out into the city [In a land of make believe; That don't believe in me]. At first, he is overwhelmed by the glitter. And his life’s on “Holiday”. But soon his dreams are crumbled. He finds the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.
The music video of Boulevard begins where Holiday’s ended.
Cool, right?
I thought so.
As he progresses, he questions to himself “Are We the Waiting”? He finds “St. Jimmy”, a punk-guru, if you will, [I'm the patron saint of the denial; With an angel face and a taste for suicidal] he yells “Give Me Novacaine”. Enter, the female protagonist. “She’s a Rebel”. She’s an “Extraordinary Girl”. Hence. She doesn’t stay. She writes him a “Letterbomb”[ You're not the Jesus of Suburbia; The St. Jimmy is a figment of; Your father's rage and your mother's love; Made me the idiot America]. He slips away, saying a note “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. Why September? Because that’s the month in which Billie’s father died [Like my father's come to pass; Twenty years has gone so fast; Wake me up when September ends].  Jimmy dies, all is lost, he wants a “Homecoming” [In the streets of shame; Where you've lost your dreams in the rain; There's no signs of hope; The stems and seeds of the last of the dope]. And he ends it all. In the end he remembers her. “Whatsername” has been? [And in the darkest night; If my memory serves me right; I'll never turn back time; Forgetting you, but not the time] Peace.
2. Talent.
So one day Billie and Mike decided they are going to make a band. They made an album. Sold millions of copies worldwide. And everyone lived happily ever after.
L. O. L.
You need mind-blowing lyrics, a flawless voice to represent your band, talented musicians and a little sense of humour.

[I heard it all before;
So don't knock down my door;
I'm a loser and a user, so I don't need no accuser,
To try and flag me down, because I know you're right
] :When I Come Around
[Little girl, little girl, your life is calling; The charlatans and saints of your abandon.
Little one, little one, the sky is falling; Your lifeboat of deception is now sailing.
In the wake all the way no rhyme or reason;
Your bloodshot eyes will show your heart of treason.
Little girl, little girl, you dirty liar; You're just a junkie preaching to the choir
] :Viva La Gloria
[So what ails you, is what impales you; I feel like I've been crucified to be satisfied] :Restless Heart Syndrome
[Did you try to live on your own?
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire?
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone
] :21 Guns


Drums. Bass. Guitars- Electric & Acoustic. Piano. Harmonica.

Sense of Humour:

Music Videos:

Crowd-stirring Live Performances:

3. They have a Song for Every Mood.
Do they stick to one genre?
Hell, no!
Try “When It’s Time” and “Peacemaker”
Are you feeling:
Inspired? Listen to “Waiting”
Demotivated? Listen to “Time of Your Life”
Psychotic? Listen to “Basket Case”
Can’t sleep? “Brain Stew”
Just want to dance? “King for a Day”
Romantic?: “Last Night on Earth”
Lonely?: “Walking Alone”
What am I doing with my life? “21st Century Breakdown”
Peace: “21 Guns”
A non-sense song which has a meaning you can’t understand: “Hitching a Ride”.

TIP: If you are listening to a Green Day song, first see its lyric video. Because I, of all people, know that the lyrics are hard to understand, and hence go unnoticed,  due to BJA’s singing style.

So here I end one of the longest articles I’ve ever written, with never-ending lyrics and tunes flowing out of my head, with gratitude towards all the Youtubers, and with the hope that you had enough bandwidth to see all the links! An ode to the best band in the whole wide world!

When you're at the end of the road; And you lost all sense of control; And your thoughts have taken their toll; When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul; Listen to Green Day!

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