Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Falling Star

Looking up at the night sky, she saw a warm glow in the dark. She saw the glitter, she saw the shimmering droplets of hope. As a part of the vast galaxy, she contemplated over her tiny stand in a world so alien to her. Were they alone? Was she alone?
The stars, all seemed to be together in the sky.
But, were they? Or did they share her loneliness?
A twinkle caught her eye. Captured by it's wholeness, she sat intimidated. It engrossed her. It was the world then. A speck of the distant fire. She could live, feeding on this thought forever.
What if this flow is broken? What if my inspiration is lost?
The stream of light. The river of illumination. The droplet, raining down. And one on my cheek. But, now, I don't miss it. Because there will be several others. Some hanging high, some crumbling under gravity.

Written in Abstract Writing Round, Illuminati, TechnoSearch 2k13, MANIT.

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