Thursday, 14 November 2013

happy child runs day . . .

As a kid, being happy was important. Work was secondary.
I used to think about things. And talk to people.
I was ready to break a nose. But never a promise.
Loved to outwit the people I knew. Ignored the strangers.
The unknown, I was eager for. Sometimes, scared of the known.
I never understood the way world worked. But how happiness helped.
Observed my surroundings. And didn't care for the future.
I used to run. And then got hurt.

And I never thought that I did all this.

Now, it has all been reversed.

They say I am still a kid.
I am happy, because there cannot be a greater compliment.
I would be happier, if only it was not such a great complement.

If you ever meet your past again,
will the child run away?

Happy Children's Day to the photographs, the memories, and the dormant kid, who is waiting for you to forget it all.


  1. That means so much!! and it's not just a compliment. Be the kid forever.

  2. Always stay a kid !!! Growing up is a big trap !!!Wishing you for Children's day in advance!