Friday, 9 November 2012

Caffeine Free.

Time flew. "Seems like yesterday was the first time I saw you"- used to be such a cliche. I always knew one day you'd leave, but, so soon, it never occurred to me... Could I do something about it? Are we to be blamed? Will your innocence question me? An arrow of guilt passes through me, but it's overshadowed by the sorrow of losing you. Right now, the light is blurred, because a shadow of your memory lingers inside of me. You showed me a new world, your world, you made me a part of it, and I'll always be grateful! I'll miss your jumps, and I'll miss moist mouth on my feet. YOU, shall be thoroughly cherished my friend.
No matter where you are now, Coffee, do remember me as the silly girl from the corner house who always wanted to catch you by the tail. R.I.P.