Friday, 7 December 2012

The Secret of Life?

The desire to be known; the privilege of being different; the energy to get exhausted; the pride of being gifted; the blessing of an excited mind and the patience to experience.
If we take up any fictional hero and villain, like Superman and Lex Luthor, Batman and Joker, Spiderman and Lizard, or the very native Shaktimaan and Tamraj Kilvish, they have all the above traits in common. And in reality, all these traits, the good and the bad, are found in us too.
But then, where does the right and the wrong differ? The motives; what else? Their strength is comparable, their sufferings are equal. The truth is the same, then why do they perceive it differently?
For the bad, the good is bad, and for the good, the bad’s good is bad.
So which is the absolute good? Which has majority people on its side? Or which has humanity on its side?
But then again, what is humanity? To help fellow homo sapiens, or to survive, to satisfy the need for food, clothes and shelter?
At the time of slavery, the Africans were reluctant, but the so-called-superiors thought they were doing them a favor. Some Americans must have been kind to them, and some “slaves” might have been thinking it is for their own betterment only. So is the existence of a superior good only a paradox? If the number of Americans was more, was the need of many outweighed by the pity on the fewer? NOW, majority people think betterment was in the abolishment of slavery. But would we have had thought like this if slavery had still been in practice?
When a programming language is made, it is written such that at the compilation time of a program it finds the errors in the syntax. And since every program has a different output, the language cannot help in pointing out the logical errors. We are the metaphorical computer programs, and our program writers are we ourselves. The output effects many other users in the complex mathematics of life, but our outputs have to be decided by us. There are some basic rules, or syntax, our lives go by, things which are not in our control, but all the reasons and decisions are our own. No other can be blamed, two people can’t be the same and things change. All our choices have no already decided algorithms; each one makes a different algorithm for them. And the secret is: that there is no secret.
Life is one big sentence. There come comas and semicolons where you stop to question your existence, to answer your presence. But there is only one full stop. And you need to keep on writing till it comes, in your own hand writing, at your own speed!


  1. When it comes to an article about life; in your blog, I don't feel it's just an article. It has something more to it- It has LIFE