Sunday, 7 July 2013


After successfully completing 4 semesters in MANIT, I am now standing at this place where I can ask- what now?

Though, a question arises. What makes my 4 semesters ‘successful’?
Optimistically viewing, the lowest grade I’ve received is a C and I now have a 1000 people in my Facebook friend list. And 14 in Google+ circles. (I guess the Google+ number is a better justification.)

Another question pops up. When did the ‘journey’ actually begin?
The day I was standing in line to submit my form? Or when in my 3rd std I had decided NOT to be an engineer? Or the day I realized MANIT is going to be the answer to question “Which college? MANIT.”

Ah, synonym of COMPROMISE.
I do believe in luck, I do believe in fate. But if only I had not been so indecisive, luck would have favoured me. Fate would have been different.

But was it a mistake? No.
One thing I had learned was to make the best of what I had.

The 1st sem had pretty much been a phase of adjustment. To learn what to talk, where to talk and when not to talk. Getting used to the new schedule (after 2 months of doing absolutely nothing). Learning as many names as possible, and the next day “dude I can’t ask her name again, I asked it yesterday only”.

Till the 2nd sem started I had grasped ‘college life’. Marathons of ROFL-ing. Facebook, Nescafe and friends. No work load, not too much stress for studies (and future), only ‘bakar’. If I had to give a catch-phrase to that semester, it would be “Ignorance is Bliss”. Towards the end of the semester I had given the interview for IBC. Did I know how busy it was going to keep me the next semester? What! I crammed the full-form for its interview.

The holidays had been difficult. 3rd semester – the busiest of them all – joining new societies, events every week, rushing to college on weekends too, coming back late, coming home and still working on posters and ideas, it seemed there was no life outside of all this. Till the time the semester ended, I was exhausted. Not such exhausted that I slept for 12 hours every day (well actually I did, rather, do), but my brain had become ‘coagulated’. I knew I couldn’t do it for long.

The next semester I had to balance it all-studies, Editorial Board, IBC, and the small responsibilities of other societies. It wasn’t an easy job. A lot had to be avoided. A lot had to be put at the back of the brain. And in the end it paid off. I learnt a lot, a lot of just the necessary stuff, most important of all, I learnt to arrange my priorities.

If asked what I would like my next semester to be like, I possibly can not answer this question. I had never anticipated the 4 parts to go like they went.
I do wish to come out with regrets. Because they are the greatest teachers.
I do wish that it is full of surprises. Because they are never boring.

Every second is a choice. Am I scared to make that choice? Yeah! Am I scared to live with that choice?
What does the other half of this 4-year (did you also read Fourier?) journey has in store for me? Well, we’ll see that tomorrow.

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